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Quality and expertise with tradition

The company was founded in 1997 by the current director, Mr. Gerhard Hesselink from Nordhorn, with the main focus on pipe and underground cable construction. From the beginning, together with 12 employees, the emphasis was on expertise and flexibility. Based on this premise, the company developed step by step.

Teamwork with Dedication

From the outset, the company provided a fully trained workforce with high quality equipment and complete belief in the employees. The result is a solid and qualified company with over 75 employees.

Flexibility with Professional Equipment

Direct access to the correct tools and machines allows maximum flexibility and safety. The machinery of the company is continuously adapted to the changing needs of the ever increasing range of services.

Accredited Quality

Quality assurance is essential to our customers. In this respect, certifications in Germany have become a decisive criterion which is a must nowadays.

In addition to the certifications, the exchange of technical knowledge and developments from expert groups is of great importance to Hesselink GmbH.

Short Links to the Target

Businesses and projects survive through the input of their employees. Therefore, direct contact with the customer is essential for a smooth process. Close contact to the workforce grant the best possible consultation from the company, saving time and improving economy.

Hesselink GmbH

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