Earth and Surface Works

Manufacturing and filling of trenches and pits in all kinds of soil with modern machinery and equipment technology, as well as the production of surfaces, using plates, paving or tarmac.

Drilling and Compression

Preparation for drilling holes in the horizontal rinse-drill method, either by using a displacement hammer or by means of steel pipe compression with subsequent ground clearance.

Laying and Construction of all Cable Types

Laying and feeding of all types of cables with modern technology, such as computer controlled cable winches. Obviously, we also assemble power cables up to 30 kilovolt and all types of telecommunication cables.


We plan and build your FTTH, FTTX, FTTB networks with the latest equipment and well trained, certified personnel.

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Injection of Fibre Optic Cables and Speed Pips

Injection of fibre optic cables and speed pips of all kinds into closed pipelines with special apparatus. Piping can be calibrated in advance and seals checked for tightness if requested.

Pipeline Construction

Laying and fitting of gas and water lines of all kinds, including installation. All layed lines can be handed over ready for use after completion of pressure testing and commissioning.

Construction of pipe systems of all kinds, including the setting of shafts.

Ploughing and Milling

Laying of supply and disposal lines with a cable plough by means of trenchless construction, or the manufacture of trenches with a trench-cutting machine.

Street Lighting

New buildings, maintenance and cleaning of street lighting networks. Conversions of luminaires and LED-technology.

Overhead Power Cable Construction

New and re-construction, maintenance and dismantling of overhead lines in low and medium voltage networks and the area of telecommunications and tree felling and trimming by certified employees.

Building Connections

Installation of supply lines into buildings, including all fixtures and fittings from a single provider for gas, water, electricity broadband cable, sewage and rainwater. We naturally also carry out re-construction and renewal of gas and water lines for house connection.

System Failures

Eliminating damage and disruption to gas, water, electricity and Telecom systems, etc. We offer our clients a 24-hour service, 365 days a year. In the area of telecommunication networks, we also carry out fault finding and re-programming.


Planning of short and long distance heating pipes for biogas, as well as for telecommunication networks of all kinds, quotations for all services in the area of supply and disposal technology, as well as ground and surface works.

All above-mentioned services are carried out with the latest equipment technology and mechanical engineering by our trained and certified personnel.

With its highly technical and modern fleet and experienced and knowledgeable staff, the company is able to implement all orders at short notice with a high degree of flexibility.